What is the Government doing to bring the economy back?

The recent job market in the UK has seen some significant changes taking place. The most
common is an effort to comply with the governing law on remote working, maintaining social distance, and staying indoors as much as possible. Companies and offices could not stay shut forever, so employees started working from home, wherever possible. Remote working is becoming the new trend while all meetings whether within the company or with clients, for the most part, are taken over the phone or through video calls. While companies and jobs that revolved around IT were a lot more forward to accept this change, not all companies could.

A majority of the jobs in the UK work around social interactions which made remote working a lot tougher. Construction or hospitality being some of the most significant ones that had the largest number of people out of work.

To bring the economy back through little steps, the Government planning on opening shops, restaurants and bars by August. They were hopeful that people would start visiting them since most of them had been indoors for most parts of the last five months. They were hoping that these small changes would give the economy the boost needed for small establishments to be able to support themselves.

Unfortunately, the people in the UK were not taking any chances after they saw the way the Government and economy dealt with the first wave of the pandemic. They preferred staying indoors and remote working to stay safe since the public health system could not be trusted.

In the first month of the lockdown, 2.1 million people began seeking unemployment benefits across the UK. This number kept rising, with a large population of the workforce not even planning on getting back to work any time soon. Many wanted to wait for the pandemic to roll over before they began commuting from work. There were people within their companies who were receiving their paycheques through Government schemes which also made the numbers difficult to read.

A DBS check allows employers to go through the criminal records of current and potential
employees to get a fair understanding of whether or not they are suitable to work with vulnerable adults and children. For individuals working in certain positions, a valid DBS disclosure is a legislative requirement. Initially, the DBS check was calling the Criminal Records Bureau (CRB), which was later merged with the Independent Safeguarding Authority (ISA) to become the Disclosure and Barring Service (DBS). Not all companies need a detailed ​DBS check​ and the extent of the check varies across the various companies, the sector they work in, and the role of the employee. Simply put, the primary purpose of the check is to protect vulnerable groups. Since coordinating the test was a bit hectic in some cases, especially since it could only be done by employers, there were arrangements made for a ​DBS online check​, allowing people to receive all the information online directly on their computers.