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Some positive changes made to the MOT checks to assist people during the Coronavirus

A lot of changes are taking place regarding the conducting of the MOT tests. After improving them in 2018, with a lot more checks and additional tests added to make sure the MOT was relevant to newer vehicles, the Government has been working on getting them to be better to check and review all the cars in detail. To keep up with the time and make sure people do not go through too much hardship amidst the Coronavirus pandemic, people can now check MOT online. To improve the way that they completed specific tasks during a lockdown many companies and businesses started moving to the internet. These changes even allowed employees to work remotely, which was another advantage to them since they did not have to meet in person.

Unfortunately, all businesses could not handle the bulk of their work remotely, and some industries like hospitality, construction and mechanical jobs needed their tasks done in person. There were elements to these jobs that they could handle online, and most companies immediately did that, including allowing people to book MOT​ online.

With people fearing the Coronavirus, many people did not want to leave their homes.

Furthermore, the Government mentioned that everyone should stay indoors and only left if it was necessary. People were now avoiding the MOT tests since they did not seem that relevant, and that is why the Government came up with two changes to the tests. They were allowing garages to collect the cars and get them tested if this is what the owner wanted. Another change was the first delay of the MOT test, where the Government mentioned that they would delay all MOT tests for vehicles that needed to be registered between the dates of 30th March to 31st July. Initially, the delay was supposed to be longer, but the first wave ended at the end of July with talks in for the second wave of the MOT delay.

The only rule relating to the delay that everyone had to follow was making sure their vehicles were roadworthy. Vehicles that did not meet this requirement would receive large fines when they were brought in for the MOT test, which is one of the main reasons why they had to make sure they were properly maintained. The best way to get this done was to visit a mechanic often.

Even during the delay, people were allowed to get their vehicles MOT tested if they wanted to. The month of June itself saw more than 1.3 million vehicles tested for their MOT since everyone knew that they would have to struggle in lines after removing the delay since there would be a massive backlog of people who needed to get their cars checked. Every year the UK MOT checks more than 30 million cars and delaying some of these by three months could cause a major delay and rush at the garages.