Some jobs that might not be around, after the pandemic.

While a lot of people are not sure about the effects of the pandemic and are waiting for things to get better, with companies coming closer to a cure, everyone is waiting for the economy and markets to open up again and everything to go back to the way that it was. The pandemic has created a series of changes in the job market with most companies that can get their staff to start remote working, pushing for it. However, this is not something that all companies can handle, since it would vary depending on the industry that they belong to.

However, some changes are taking place in the job market, that seem like they are not going to get reversed. While the UK Government is currently pushing through with their furlough plan, they are paying 80% of the employee’s salaries while the company only pays the difference. Even with the Government paying such a large amount companies are still laying off their staff since companies cannot handle paying the difference with the economy being in the state that it currently is in.

People who were handling jobs that could easily be automated or replaced by various software solutions are the first to go. Initially, it was taking companies a lot more time to make these changes, with everyone thinking that the effects would not be seen this fast, but with the pandemic, companies are cutting costs and trying their best to keep running so they can get through when the Government bails on schemes they are currently running. These are some of the jobs that do not seem like they will be coming back anytime soon.

With the pandemic hitting the country, while most companies shut their doors, and started encouraging their employees to work remotely, this slowly turned into the trend in the UK. Although several startups used to handle remote working long before the pandemic, others are working on implementing these changes so they can do the same moving forward. Unfortunately, some businesses and sectors like construction, hospitality and even mechanical cannot be handled online, and needed to be handled, in person. While these companies are doing their best online, the most significant part of their work is in person. Another trend that seems likely to stay is people working remotely, as long as they can meet their deliverables and deadlines. Employers are also beginning to handle background checks on the people working within their company to make sure that they are the right match for the entire company. Some jobs descriptions within a company require a certain level of background check conducted, and this depends on the type of company or role that a person is filling. The most popular system of going through someone background to find if they have a criminal record is through the ​DBS check. The check was created for employers to go through the background of their employees or people they are planning on hiring, so they know that they match the requirements of the company. Companies can also handle the CRB check online to save them the time and the effort to get this done.