Some companies are managing to do quite well during the pandemic.

In the initial months of the Coronavirus pandemic hitting the state, the Government immediately created rules telling people that they should be spending as much of their time as possible, indoors. The entire job market changed overnight, and with so many people indoors, work, transport, the economy and job security were all disrupted. Many companies somehow benefited from these changes, while others were significantly hurt. While there is a large chunk of the market losing their jobs, these are the same people who might have trouble finding new ones.

The Government ordered everyone to stay indoors and self-quarantine to stop the spread of the coronavirus, and while some businesses shut shop, others asked their employees to work from home. Large gatherings were not permissible. A lot of the social interactions that are common to human beings also came to a stop they were not travelling, taking aeroplanes, dining out, staying at hotels or attending concerts and sporting events.

Some of the companies that benefited from the pandemic hitting the UK were only shopping portals. With people spending most of their time at home, they could not go out as much as they would in the past so they would usually make all their purchases online. Brick and mortar stores found themselves paying rent for stores that they were working out of, without even having customers and clients who were not assisting with their business. Healthcare providers and supermarket chains with an online presence, like pharmaceutical companies working on cures for diseases, technology companies and services, such as Zoom, that were catering to people working from home had a massive advantage in the current scenario.

Most teachers and students were also taking their classes from home since they did not want to go outdoors where there were higher chances of them catching the virus. Video games were a new interactive activity in place of sporting events since people could connect online instead of meeting in person, like in the past. They were also a substitute for meeting and cheering for a sports team.

According to the Financial Times, tech companies are still hiring as they move to take advantage of a world shifting increasingly to digital as a result of the coronavirus. Despite mass lay-offs elsewhere and growing concerns over plummeting global markets, they haven’t shaken yet. The

Financial Times also claims that California alone has roughly 15,852 jobs open. Furthermore, Amazon is also open to hiring, having about 100,000 positions due to their overwhelming demand. Similar companies like Google, Apple, Microsoft and Netflix, will have the clout and funds to outlast the outbreak, while they are also looking for people to assist them with the process.

With so many changes when it comes to companies, most employers are looking to handle background checks on the people they welcome into their fold. They have to make sure the people coming in can be trusted, and that is one of the reasons that employers are working with the DBS check for the people working in their company. To make the entire process easier, employers can now handle a DBS check online​, which is faster and more convenient.