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Rules relating to the MOT tests in the UK

The Government pushed for a delay with the MOT tests in light of the Coronavirus pandemic. All vehicles to be registered for an MOT licence during the dates of the 30th of March to 31st of July, automatically received a six-month extension. They did not have to accept it but were allowed to, while some vehicles still went through the registration process, with June registering more than 1.3 million vehicles.

The mandatory MOT testing was reintroduced from 1st August as lockdown restrictions slowly lifted. With restrictions beginning to ease, all drivers whose car, motorcycle or van were due for an MOT test needed a test certificate to continue driving their vehicle. MOT tests are significant for road safety and ensure that vehicle parts, like tyres, seatbelts, brakes, lights and exhausts, are in proper working order. Their main reason for getting this done is to make sure they are not a danger to themselves or others on the road. People can even ​book MOT online if they want to save themselves a slot without having to wait for an available one at the garage.

While exemptions are still available for vehicle owners with MOT due dates before 1st August, the Government warned drivers that it is vital that they check their vehicle, if they notice something wrong in the same way that they usually would. Simply put, all vehicles driven around the UK have to be roadworthy.

People can now ​check MOT online and see the updated status of their vehicle there. All vehicle owners should have a current, valid MOT certificate, ideally in their vehicle. If they lose or damage their paperwork, they should get it replaced as soon as possible. They can get a replacement MOT Test Certificate from any MOT test centre, without having to go back to the same place that initially performed the MOT.

They would have to provide their vehicle registration details, and V5C logbook reference number and receive their replacement document. It can cost £10 or half the full MOT test fee, whichever is the smaller amount. Although they can check the current MOT status and history of cars online, unfortunately, you can’t order a replacement MOT certificate.

While the MOT tests are mandatory for all vehicles that are more than three years old. However, every rule has its exceptions, and some cars are not required to take their MOT tests. While they are quite specific, vehicles that are either new or very old can sit the test out.

  • Cars less than three years old from the date of manufacture or registration. These are usually new cars under warranty, so don’t need testing
  • Classic cars manufactured or registered 40 years ago or more which have not been ‘substantially changed’.

These rules are not in stone with constant changes regularly made to them. People with older cars should have them tested and verified to make sure that they do not need the MOT test or they could receive huge fines.