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Getting an MOT check for a vehicle is a requirement in the UK with massive fines for people who do not get their cars with an updated MOT licence, the only thing worse is having a vehicle that is not roadworthy. The recent rules state that vehicles that do not have their MOT tests could receive fines of up to £1000 while having one that is not roadworthy could receive fines that are a lot higher.

While MOT is quite common across Europe, there are a few changes about the MOT test individually, and people in the UK like to handle it a little differently. Overall, they allowed the MOT tests in the UK to be delayed from the 30th of March and people who had to get their vehicles registered after that date were allowed to automatically push it, by six months. The first wave of the MOT delay ended on the 31st of July, and people now had to continue getting their vehicles tested on time after that. The delay did not mandatorily make people hold off getting their cars MOT tested but allowed them to get the tests done if they wanted to. They were also allowed to hold off on the tests as well, but they had to make sure their cars were roadworthy and were not a danger to the drivers or anyone else on the road.

Interestingly the Government warned 11.3 million vehicle owners to get their cars tested if they were planning on waiting out the delay. The only issue with the delay was that vehicles that were not roadworthy would have to pay massive fines when they brought them in for the MOT check.

To make the process simpler, people could now check MOT​ online, which allowed them to go through the information of their vehicle in the previous year and make changes accordingly. The designs of some vehicles just created issues be sorted out. For instances, there were some versions of vehicles that had to sort out their wheels cause they would bald faster and so on, so drivers had to be vigilant about their vehicles. Furthermore, they could also get all the information about their vehicles service history online so they could see the repairs completed in the past, and the ones that needed to handle again to accordingly make sure the vehicles were roadworthy. All vehicle servicing records leading back to 2005 were now available online. Other than checking their previous results online, they could also book MOT online, so they would not have to wait at the garage for their slot and could select one that matched their convenience early on.

People were now encouraged to get their vehicles tested through garages before they went for their MOT tests since failing one could mean that they would be off the road until they had the car fixed and went through the test again. However, garages were a little more lenient and informed owners about the issues with their vehicles and the parts that they had to fix immediately and the ones that could be delayed to a later time.