More than 11 million people have been warned and told to keep their cars roadworthy before delaying the MOT test.

The first wave of the Coronavirus extensions came to an end while August began. The previous five months had people delaying their MOT checks since the Government mentioned that all vehicles that needed an MOT check between the dates of the 30th of March to the 31st of July would automatically get pushed forward. They did, however, mention that this was only the case with roadworthy vehicles, but most people ignored the last part.

According to the rules, people who were using vehicles that needed an MOT check by the 30th of March had to make sure they got it done immediately, or they could not use their cars on the roads in the UK. Post the date mentioned, owners were allowed to delay their tests, but if their vehicles needed an MOT test and they were travelling without one, they could receive fines up to £1000. Vehicles that delayed going through the MOT test, while they might have been allowed, but were not roadworthy could receive fines of up to £2000. These rules themselves were an emphasis on how important it was for cars to be roadworthy in the UK.

Seeing that there were 11.3 million cars in the UK who were supposed to go through the MOT test in the upcoming three months, they were warned by the Government that they would receive a massive fine when getting their vehicle tested if they were not roadworthy. Unfortunately, when it comes to the UK, most of the people there did not go to mechanics unless their vehicles were giving them real trouble. Most people preferred delaying the process of getting their car tested and only did it when they had to, which usually meant they even showed up for MOT tests without stopping at a garage first and this quite often lead to a large number of cars not getting through the test. They would then have to repair the vehicle and get it tested again if they wanted to use it around the UK. In 2018, more than 10 million cars did not clear the MOT test, which was quite an issue since they all had to go through the test again, which was putting a load on the garages.

People can now ​book MOT online and get a date and time that is convenient for them and the garage where they can show up to get their vehicle tested at the MOT testing centre. They do this to reduce the amount of social interaction between people in light of the Coronavirus pandemic. While most companies are changing the way they function and having their employees work remotely, there are some like garages that cannot make such a move. However, there are parts of the process that can be migrated to a website, with the bulk of the work completed in a garage. Furthermore, people can also ​check MOT​ online or through the testing centre to see how well they handled it the last time around and the parts of the test that they could improve in.