NADRA working on bridging the gap between UAE and Pakistan

NADRA is an independent autonomous agency in Pakistan that assists with the storage of important information that has usually been gathered through online databases, Along with this, the National Database and Registration Authority assists with the management of sensitive registration databases of all of the people in Pakistan. It also plays a role in the registration of the people for an online national computerised identity card. Although independent, the agency falls under the Ministry of Interior which is part of the Government of Pakistan and their main job is to keep all the information that they gathered safe, to prevent it from being stolen or the random issue with identity theft. NADRA assists with the process of allowing people with a dual citizenship passport to apply for the NICOP document allowing them to enter and leave Pakistan without constantly having to apply for a visa.


Is there a connection between the people of Pakistan and


There are no specific visas to be applied for, allowing people from Pakistan to easily travel to the UAE. If they would like to make the trip, they would need to be sponsored by someone from the gulf or apply for a tourist visa. This is rather ironic since there are a ton of similarities between Pakistan and the Middle East. For instance, the United Arab Emirates currently houses about 1.2 million Pakistanis with over 400,000 of them based in Dubai itself. Statistically speaking the Pakistan population in Dubai comprises of 13% of Dubai’s overall population making them the third largest ethnic group in the Emirate, right after Indians and native Emiratis.


The major difference between Dubai and Karachi is that Dubai is open to everything and has a lot of the different types of foods available year-round. Pakistan too is open to change and other foods and they do have other restaurants there, but overall they would favour their local cuisine. They eat bun kebabs, but they always favour biryanis which are eaten almost everywhere. Other than that the overall local cuisine is quite similar. Another major similarity between the UAE and Pakistan is that they are both majorly Islamic nations. UAE has always been in the understanding of Pakistan’s contribution to key institutions in the Emirates such as armed forces, police, health and education, and has reciprocated in the same friendly manner.


What are the uses of the NADRA website?

The NADRA Card website allows people to apply for their computerised identification cards without the tedious process of having to make multiple trips to the office. Additionally, the website has a list of all the documents that people would need if they were trying to go through the process themselves. This allows them to gather the documents at their convenience and begin and complete the process themselves in one go. The website does arrange for a date when the people would have to the office to provide their photograph and their biometric information.


Additional services the website provides are allowing people to know where the NADRA centres are. This is very useful for people who are not in an area they are familiar with. If they are interested in sorting out their identification needs, they can do this through the website.

Furthermore, the website allows people to complain about the ​NADRA Card​ process, especially if it is not working the way that it should. They would be able to look into this and this might also be something that they can work on fixing so the applicants would be able to deal with a smooth process.


Overall, the NADRA card is used as an identification document, overall, being created to allow the Pakistan Government to track their people’s whereabouts around the world. This is also a significant document when it comes to getting an application for a passport. Seeing how connected the two nations are, it would come as no surprise if the NADRA document assisted people in getting their visa to the Middle East.