Changes taking place in the UK work market and employers adjusting through background checks

With the wave of uncertainty growing across the UK, the extent of economic degradation is uncertain. Most of the correct figures are not visible by the schemes that the economy is running and the number of people who have lost their jobs but are not looking to begin working anytime soon. Furthermore, being amidst a pandemic is making it difficult for any statistical agency to gather the correct figures since finding information is not the easiest when people are not participating, while those working remotely, might not always take the time for the survey.

Overall, the country is seeing a lot of changes taking place concerning the way companies are interacting with the workforce. There is only so much that someone can do when there is a pandemic, but offices cannot stay closed the entire time. There have to be some changes made allowing people to open their offices since they cannot close until there is a cure found which should ideally take a couple of years. One of the most common approaches is people remote working, which allows people to work distantly and reduces the chances of them catching the virus or spreading it. Another advantage is that they can meet their deadlines without having to come to the office.

Unfortunately, all companies cannot handle this process since a majority of the jobs in the UK work around personal interactions, and those have to be in person. People who work in the mechanical field, fixing cars, bikes, carpenters and so on would have to work in person. Other such industries include construction and the hospitality sector.

The country had to open shops, small businesses, like restaurants, bars and pubs if they were planning on getting through the pandemic since they needed them to assist with the boosting of the economy. The Government has also implemented specific rules around this to make sure the people are safe and told everyone to handle their work with caution. Wearing masks and maintaining the right amount of social distance, whether outdoors or indoors in public places was mandatory. With all these changes, everyone had to adapt if they wanted to move forward since it did not seem like the pandemic was going anywhere any time soon.

Employers began making changes with the way that their companies functioned. Background checks were now mandatory in most companies, and they handled these through the most popular method, which was the DBS check​. Employers were allowed to use test if they wanted information on their employees or prospective employees. This also meant that there were a couple of other changes they had to handle. Some roles needed more information than just a

police record, which in many cases were clear, they needed information on how they would interact with certain people like older people or younger children, which they conducted through separate tests that they could avail the information from called the enhanced DBS checkand it told them whether it made sense to hire specific people for specific roles.