Changes made to the MOT test to keep it relevant with regular changes.

Getting through the MOT test was a lot tougher now than it used to be in the past. They started testing various aspects of the vehicle thoroughly, that might have even been ignored in the past since they were not a significant part of the test. The MOT was upgraded in 2018 after it had gotten quite irrelevant, with the technology that powered vehicles improving so much that the tests were barely touching the surface. While everyone took the test lightly, the first year saw more than 10 million cars fail the MOT test. These people had to get their vehicles repaired and could try to get through the test again if they wanted to drive on roads in the UK.

Many who went through the MOT test said that various checks had never been done on their vehicles before. A giant emphasis of the new tests was on their emissions which was its primary focus. Other aspects that they focused on were the overall safety of the people using the vehicles and making sure they reviewed all the safety features put in place, including airbags which were not focused on, while the seatbelt was.

In an interesting twist, more motorbikes passed the test than cars, with 83% of motorbikes getting through, and only 17% failed. By comparison, only 67% of cars passed new MOT tests. According to the new MOT rules, drivers could receive fines up to £2,500 if they used cars without a valid MOT licence. Furthermore, all vehicle owners have to make sure that the vehicles that they are using are always roadworthy. They urge drivers to thoroughly check their cars and repair any problems immediately, to give them the best chance of passing the new MOT tests.

To make the process easier, people could now ​book MOT online, which was a lot faster than the previous method. More than that, they would prefer using this method since it meant interaction with fewer individuals. People were afraid of leaving their homes in light of the pandemic, and the Government was trying to do everything to encourage people to keep roadworthy vehicles which would make getting through the MOT test a lot easier. They could even ​check MOT online to see how well they performed so they could improve them accordingly.

There were garages in the UK who were more than happy to coordinate with people to collect and drop their vehicles from their homes so they would not have to leave. These same people would go through the MOT test on behalf of the individual and provide their results later. This made the process easier for many who did not want to leave their homes in light of the pandemic with it being unsafe out of their houses. The Government also delayed the MOT tests for a lot of the people going through the test and automatically gave them an increased time frame of six months. People could go through the test anytime within those six months if their registrations matched the requirements.