Cars and Depreciation

Changes made by garages for people going through the MOT check in light of Corona.

With the growing number of people in the UK affected by the Coronavirus, the Government
mentioned several guidelines to keep them safe. Some of these include that people should stay at home as much as possible, should work remotely, and only leave their houses if they had to. There were exceptions to these rules with people on the front lines forced to head to work every day. Additionally, people who were working in essential services also went to their jobs daily. In light of these changes, MOT tests were also temporarily delayed, and people who had vehicles that needed to clear the MOT tests from 30th March to 31st July automatically received a six-month extension. However, cars that were due for their MOT tests either before or after these dates had to get one if they wanted to have them plying on the roads.

Additionally, vehicles registered within those dates also had to make sure they were roadworthy. Although there was an extension for MOT licences, not roadworthy vehicles received fines and penalties. Furthermore, garages were open since they were marked, essential services so people could get them checked whenever needed. Additionally, people who wanted to get their vehicle MOT tested could as well since those were left open and the month of June itself saw more than 1.3 million vehicles complete their MOT registrations.

Some people were not allowed to leave their houses, either because they entered the country from another one, had the Coronavirus, met someone with the Coronavirus or various other reasons. If there were people who could not leave their homes and needed to get their vehicles MOT registered, there were some garages that made exceptions and sent people to their homes to pick up the car. These representatives take it to the garage, get it checked, and bring it back after completing all the tests and checks. They make sure they follow all Government protocols and that the vehicles are sanitised, cleaned and so on.

Other changes put in place was the ability to ​book MOT online​. People could go to the website, add their vehicle information, and according to their MOT expiration, get an appointment. They would be informed about when they could visit the office and get their vehicle tested. Before they went ahead to ​book MOT​, they had to make sure their car was in good shape and would clear all the tests. All the vehicle information leading back to 2005 was available online, and vehicle owner or garages could log in and check on the details of the car. This allowed them to know the changes handled the last time around, the weak points, and the ones that would need changing before the next MOT test. Ideally, people should only go to MOT centres that only handle tests, to get their vehicle through the system faster, instead of the garages that perform an all-round service.